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Help us to raise funds by setting up a fun event such as a tea party with friends, a bingo night, organising a fun run or walk or anything else you can think of! Here is a list of all the great ways you can help us raise some much needed funds. Fundraising Ideas

Raise Awareness

Do you have a big social media following? Or experience in advertising/marketing? Help raise awareness for our charity by sharing our posts, or creating your own marketing material to help get our organisation out there. If you would like to set up a meeting or call please contact us on: 0713851023.

Become a Donor

Are you a business owner thats looking for a way to become more socially responsible? Or have you recently come into some funds and trying to find a way to help those in need? Contact us to find out how becoming a donor can help further your business. Through our organisation you will get a chance to see EXACTLY where your funds will go. Email or Call us for more info: / 0828815598

Sponsor a Prize

We are always looking for products/experiences and services that we can use for raffles to raise money for our projects. Examples of these prizes include: Vouchers of Any Kind, Spa Days, Nights away at a hotel, Limited editions of Wine, Pamper Packages, Jewellery, Experiences such as trips up table mountain, hot air balloon safaris etc. Anything you can offer we can use. Please get in touch if you can donate a prize: / 0828815598.


The most recent project that we have undertaken is the Movement for Mutts project. This project involves unchaining township dogs by either putting up runners or fences around the property, this allows the dog freedom of movement and completely changes their lives after being chained up for most of if not all the time. We are in urgent need of volunteers who can spare some time to help us with building these fences and or runners. If you would like to get involved please contact us: For more information.

For this project we are always in need of building materials such as Pallets for fencing, Chicken Wire, Chains for Runners, Durable Collars, Hooks, Anchors, Cement, Steel or wooden poles, Nails etc. if you have any unwanted building materials please get in touch with us.

Thank you for your support.


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