Thank you to the following establishments who have played a big role in supporting our vision and work.

JDI- Just do it

JDI is a Public Benefit Organisation and is registered as the JDI Foundation Trust.
JDI was started in 1998 with the idea to create a simple structure that would enable young people to use their centres of influence to learn, understand and then make a difference in other people's lives in South Africa. We wanted to show our friends how easy it was to make a significant impact, to teach them about the problems, the issues and the solutions available.
Thank you for your support, guiding us through the processes and your advice for all of our projects!

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Animal Kind International

Animal- Kind Internationals mission is to raise funds and collect supplies for animal welfare organizations in poor countries, where fundraising for animal welfare, care, and rescue are not priorities. They strengthen existing animal welfare organizations, helping them to be local voices for animals.
Giving is Living- Movements for Mutts was chosen to be a recipient of AKIs Grant Program for 2019. With the funds they have donated we will be able to unchain between 8-10 dogs in a 6 month period. We are so very grateful for the support and their belief in our work, it is truly an honour to be chosen by AKI and we cannot thank them enough for their incredible kindness.

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