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In many impoverished settlements and townships in South Africa, dogs are suffering in extreme weather conditions. Many of these dogs do not have any access to shelter and are exposed to all the elements mother nature has to offer. With Summer temperatures reaching highs of 38 degrees many animals do not have access to shade or shelter and are often left with severe sunburn, heatstroke and dehydration.

During the harsh winter months temperatures can go as low as minus 3 degrees in some areas. These animals are left out in icy temperatures, gale force winds, storms and heavy rain with nowhere to hide. During these winter months animal hospitals such as Mdzananda Animal Clinic have a huge influx of dogs with hypothermia (a condition that causes dangerously low body temperatures). Many of the dogs die due to this.

A Simple kennel could be the difference between life and death for these dogs. Here at Giving is Living we have teamed up with The purple kennels project who make good quality durable kennels at a very cost efficient price. The cost of a kennel is R465, however we request a donation of R500 ( 36 USD or 27 GPD) as this includes a thick warm blanket and a small bag of food. We will purchase the kennels with your donation and personally deliver it to dogs without shelters within townships across Cape Town. Many of these dogs are under stimulated and very bored so we try to donate dog toys as well whenever possible, if you would like to purchase a dog toy please consider an extra R10-R20 for this purpose.

Each Kennel will have a laminated waterproof badge with any name/company or dedication of your choice. You will have access to an album on our website with a picture of the kennel (with your name badge) that you have sponsored with the dog and home it has been donated to. Please consider sponsoring a kennel. It would make a great gift to a loved one, or a donation in remembrance of someone special, most importantly it will improve the life of a dog in a huge way and may even save their life. When donating please use this reference KENNELS (NAME). Remember the name that you use for the reference code will be the name we will put on your kennel badge. You are welcome to send an email to if you require any further assistance or information about the project.

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August 2019

Distributed to: F.A.W and H.A.R.T

July 2019

distributed to: Roar for Paws, R.A.D and rescue is life

june 2019

Distributed to: Mitchell’s Plain Animal Welfare and Grace Animal Sanctuary

MAY 2019

DISTRIBUTED TO CHERYL LYN’S RESCUE ORGANISATION, heldeberg animal rescue team and Wolwerivier Outreach Work.

march 2019

Distributed to Tin Can Town and African Tails

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Our Donors


Tamara Nettmann and Marlene Snowdon have gotten their entire team on board from Century 21 to donate 1 kennel for every house they sell. We are so grateful for your support and we would like to officially welcome you as our main sponsors for our kennels for canines project.

If any of you out there are passionate about helping animals and happen to be looking for a house you know where to go!

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Boss Food very kindly donated 85 dog toys and 40 cans of dog food towards this project. We are so grateful for their support. Contact to find out more about their delicious range of dog food.