What does ‘Giving is Living’ mean?

Until one has loved an animal, part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
— Anon

The Beginning

Savara began in 2013, selling Treeless Saddles with the desire to offer a product that was better for the horse. Ill-fitted traditional saddles caused serious problems for many horses, including severe back pain and pinches nerves, which made it difficult for riders to ride again. The Treeless Saddle, a completely flexible and lightweight option gave the rider and the horse another chance to ride again. We were contacted by clients who were interested in Treeless Saddles, because they had rescued a horse who had been abused and neglected.


Suddenly, Savara became aware of so many organisations that were in desperate need of help. We began to learn about animal abuse in South Africa and how in areas of extreme poverty, animals were getting neglected, abused, used for gang initiations and given up on. Savara donated used Tack to try and raise some funds for some of these organisations. But it was clear that more help was needed. So we took action and started, Giving is Living.

The meaning

Giving became a way of living for the Savara team. We strove to seek out organisations that did remarkable work and extended our help to them. This was in the form of Volunteering events, where we would get a group of people with similar desires together, as volunteers, to visit these Organisations and do what was required. The types of work that was required were things like, fixing broken kennels, walking dogs, vaccinating, raising funds for food and working with abused horses. These events formed part of our initiative ‘Giving is Living’


The future we envisage is one where Giving is Living operates as an initiative that accesses resources across South Africa, to give aid to the many, many animal charity organisations across the country. We make use of our large Savara following to enlist the help of volunteers that share similar passions, to make a difference on a large scale. We imagine projects that have life changing capabilities, for the animals, for people of poorer backgrounds and for South Africa.

It always seems impossible, until it is done
— Nelson Mandela

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